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Subic Bay is located in Zambales Province on the Island of Luzon in the Northern Philippine Islands. Zambales is a beautiful province with a long history of acceptance and accommodation of foreigners and tourists.

Zambales Province has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and hills, plains that seem to go on forever, and dense, lush tropical rainforest.

Just around the point on the north side of Subic Bay, or heading towards San Antonio and Pundaquit, lies three beautiful coves. In order, they are named Silanguin, Nagsasa and Anawangin. Only Anawangin has any sort of development. A few years ago, Anawangin was deserted, except for a group of Aeta indians who act as caretakers, Now it’s hard to find an empty spot on the beach. If you want to visit, try weekdays near the end of a pay period, and you might get some privacy and solitude.

Note: The links in the previous text are to fantastic photos of the three Zambales coves by Allan Barredo, an exceptional Philippine Photographer (Visit Allan’s travel and photo web site). If you browse around the other sets on Allan’s Flickr account there are many more beautiful photos of Zambales Province.

I hope to visit these coves before they are commercialized, and attempt to capture their beauty with my meager camera skills.

Zambales’ main city is Olongapo, which is currently a major growth sector for the Philippines. Since the US Navy departed in 1992, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has converted the Subic Nay Naval Station into the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ). Olongapo has just opened it’s first major shopping mall, SM City (photos coming soon), on the corner of Magsaysay Drive and Gordon Avenue, just outside the SBMA main pedestrian gate. Currently under construction is the huge Ayala shopping mall, being built inside SBMA. You can see the construction just across the river as you enter the Freeport from Magsaysay Drive. This mall is going to be massive. It’s a welcome addition, as one of the major drawbacks about living here has been the lack of modern shopping facilities. Olongapo City is growing rapidly, and IMHO, is a great investment location.

The Ayala Mall Under Construction Inside The Freeport Zone:

Ayala Mall Olongapo

Ayala Mall Olongapo

Ayala Mall Olongapo

Ayala Mall Olongapo

Here are some photos that I’ve taken in various locations in Zambales Province. They include some beach photos here in Barrio Barretto and nearby, some beach shots from up by San Felipe, river farming at Pamatawan, an irrigation water management area at Camachili, and the Maloma River, also near San Felipe.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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