Welcome to Subic Bay Living

Subic Bay Sunset

Sunset Over Subic Bay

Welcome to Subic Bay Living!

This blog will relate my experiences living in Subic Bay, Philippines. I hope to portray the area honestly and openly.

I’ll be writing about day to day living, what kinds of problems you can expect to encounter, and how I got around or solved those problems, or if I was unable to fix them and why I think I failed. I will also be listing a lot of the local businesses and other resources for the region.

Please feel free to register with the site and submit your articles or resources. Of course, I will enforce the policy that this is not an adult web site, and no discussion of the bars and other adult businesses will be allowed. There are plenty of other places to discuss such things, several of which are listed in the Links are of this site.

Regardless, welcome to Subic Bay Living. I hope I can shine a little light on what it’s like to live here.

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