US State Department Issues Travel Warning

The US State Department has updated a travel warning due to possible terrorist-related activity.

From the official warning:

“The warning, which is an update from November, specifies the island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago as particularly dangerous and at great risk of harboring terrorist activity. Manila might also be included, the statement said.”

Subic is, as always, fine. I personally believe it is very safe here, and the local government and people would not tolerate any kind of violence, kidnappings, or related activities.

This is an extremely foreigner friendly place. The people go out of their way to accommodate tourists and travelers, and we are a huge part of the local economy. Olongapo hosts the Subic Bay Freeport Zone which is a world-class business zone for imports and exports from all over the world. Allowing any form of terrorism or violence would be extremely detrimental to the economy. The powers that be here in Olongapo have enjoyed tight controls on the area in terms of security for many, many years. I wouldn’t doubt that the locals have more information than the national government.

With that being said, of course no matter where you travel, things can happen. Always be alert, keep your eyes open for odd behavior or packages/backpacks sitting unattended, and try to stay out of big crowds. Stay safe, and enjoy Olongapo and the Philippine Islands!

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