Tropical Storm Falcon – Santa Monica Evacuated

Wow – this storm dropped a LOT of water on the Subic Bay area.

Just this afternoon, Santa Monica, a housing subdivision just past Barrio Barretto on the National Highway was evacuated with over 4 feet of water in some areas.

Officials were also concerned about the Matain Bridge, just before Santa Monica. The river was washing over the bridge this morning. By the time I arrived on the scene the water had receded a little bit.

I walked through part of Santa Monica and snapped some pics. The first half are from the front entrance along National Highway. The last few are from the back entrance. I couldn’t really get too far inside where the water was really deep. They weren’t allowing “spectators” to go that far inside.

A few snaps to get things started:

The Matain Bridge:

Another view of the high river:

The Entrance to the Santa Monica Subdivision – bringing in boats to help evacuate people:

People carry their belongings out to dry ground:

Water rushes into the subdivision from the fields:

The images in the gallery aren’t in the right order. I didn’t have time to sort them properly. I walked to the bridge first, then to the front entrance of Santa Monica. Then I went up the highway to the first road to the right, and walked all the way back to the next subdivision – I can’t recall the name. After convincing the security guards I wasn’t a terrorist, I walked through that subdivision into Santa Monica. After snapping those pics, I walked all the way back to the bridge and snapped those pics. I’ll sort them out later 🙂

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