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It’s Time To Invest In Olongapo

I’ve seen this coming for over a year now. The US military is coming back to Subic Bay and Clark. The Mayor of Olongapo has been working hard, attracting new businesses to the area, improving the Subic Bay Freeport (through the SBMA), and his efforts are paying off. Olongapo has solved one of it’s major […]

Subic Bay Freeport and SBMA

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) is the organization that took over the Subic Bay Naval Station in 1992, after the US 7th Fleet left the Subic Bay Naval Station and turned it over to the Philippines. The old navy base is now called the Subic Bay Freeport. From the SBMA Website: The Subic Bay Metropolitan […]

Welcome to Subic Bay Living

Welcome to Subic Bay Living! This blog will relate my experiences living in Subic Bay, Philippines. I hope to portray the area honestly and openly. I’ll be writing about day to day living, what kinds of problems you can expect to encounter, and how I got around or solved those problems, or if I was […]