The New Harbor Point Mall

Modern Day Shopping Malls Come To Olongapo

I’m very happy to see two new, modern shopping malls opening in Olongapo City.

First, the new SM City Shopping Mall on Magsaysay Drive, just outside the walking entrance to SBMA/SBFZ is now open. It’s a five story building with some great stores, including an Ace Hardware (my man-lust for tools is going crazy), a photo/camera gear store, and much much more. They also have a very large grocery store with competitive pricing and a good selection of products.

There are a few restaurants in the new SM City mall, but really nothing special. Fast food and some small snack counters, with one place selling ice cream and one selling brownies. I think they could have done much more with a decent food court, but space in this mall is pretty limited. Something close to half of the available floor space is being used by SM-branded stores, so there’s not much room for competitors or other businesses.

The other new mall, Harbor Point, is currently being built just inside the Magsaysay Drive gate, and it will not have any problems with available space. This place is huge! I don’t know what the store lineup will be but I’ll try and find out.

They are now reporting an opening date of April 26th. That seems a little aggressive to me – I’ll be going to the Freeport tomorrow for grocery shopping and to pick up some car parts, and will check into it.

Regardless, I’m very happy to see two modern day shopping malls coming to Olongapo City. This area is beginning to boom, and smart businesses are lining up to become involved.

I’ve also heard that the US Navy will be letting more and more ships stop in to allow the crews to get some much-needed R&R, and to start doing maintenance on the base. If that proves to be true, you can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of high-paying jobs opening up, and that’s always good. I’ve heard they are building housing space for 5,000 people on the base, and that would reportedly include service members and base workers. They are saying that the base may be used for rotating troops in and out of the area – sort of a transition station – and there wouldn’t be any significant number of permanently stationed personnel here. Only enough to handle the admin and logistical duties required by visiting ships and people. We’ll see. More on this as I get more details.

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