US Navy, Olongapo, Subic Bay

It’s Time To Invest In Olongapo

I’ve seen this coming for over a year now. The US military is coming back to Subic Bay and Clark. The Mayor of Olongapo has been working hard, attracting new businesses to the area, improving the Subic Bay Freeport (through the SBMA), and his efforts are paying off. Olongapo has solved one of it’s major […]

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The New Harbor Point Mall

Modern Day Shopping Malls Come To Olongapo

I’m very happy to see two new, modern shopping malls opening in Olongapo City. First, the new SM City Shopping Mall on Magsaysay Drive, just outside the walking entrance to SBMA/SBFZ is now open. It’s a five story building with some great stores, including an Ace Hardware (my man-lust for tools is going crazy), a […]

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Zambales Province Photo Gallery

Subic Bay is located in Zambales Province on the Island of Luzon in the Northern Philippine Islands. Zambales is a beautiful province with a long history of acceptance and accommodation of foreigners and tourists. Zambales Province has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and hills, plains that seem to go on forever, and […]

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Philippine Immigration

Philippines Immigration – A Pleasant Experience

I’m taking a short trip to Thailand in a few weeks, and need to get an exit clearance certificate from the local Philippine Bureau of Immigration office. If you’ve stayed in the Philippines for more than 6 months, you need to obtain an Exit Clearance Certificate, or you’ll get hassled at the airport, and may […]

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Forget Hotels, Motels and Resorts – A New Way To Stay

One of the things I dread when traveling is finding myself in a run down, poorly managed hotel. I research every little detail of my trips beforehand, and it’s a drag when the hotel doesn’t match the description on the travel site. Many times you’ll find that a hotel has odd rules; no outside food […]

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Living in Subic – Housing and Accomodations Overview

There are many options for people wanting to stay in Subic, either as a resident or visitor. The decision can be broken down into the following points: Do you want to live within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), or out in town? Are you single, or do you have a family? Do you want […]

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Tropical Storm Falcon – Santa Monica Evacuated

Wow – this storm dropped a LOT of water on the Subic Bay area. Just this afternoon, Santa Monica, a housing subdivision just past Barrio Barretto on the National Highway was evacuated with over 4 feet of water in some areas. Officials were also concerned about the Matain Bridge, just before Santa Monica. The river […]

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US State Department Issues Travel Warning The US State Department has updated a travel warning due to possible terrorist-related activity. From the official warning: “The warning, which is an update from November, specifies the island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago as particularly dangerous and at great risk of harboring terrorist activity. Manila might also be included, the statement said.” […]

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Tropical Storm Bebeng – Aere – Before and After in Baloy

I went back and looked at some photos I took of Baloy in the past, and then compared them to the pictures I took yesterday and today. The differences are remarkable. In these photos, look for the differences in the waterline and the huge reduction in the amount of usable beach that remains. The sand […]

Tropical Storm Aere/Bebeng Damage at Baloy Beach, Olongapo, Philippines

The first storm to hit Subic this year hasn’t caused much trouble so far. Here in Baloy Beach there is some minor damage, and the beach is eroding quickly. According to PAGASA, the weather bureau here in the Philippines, this first storm does not yet signal the end of summer and the start of the […]